1. Birthday GIF

  2. A Pro

  3. A Womb is a Wasp’s Nest - Installed #the flying m

  4. Here’s a screenshot of some more of my work going up tomorrow at the Flying M

    These are ultrasound scans with geometric overlays that I’m transferring onto those hexagon-boxes from the previous post. That prominent object there is a face “looking,” toward the viewer.

  5. Flying M WIP - Project Peices


  6. A Womb is A Wasp’s Nest

    Here’s a sneak peak of the transfer image I’m going to use for my show at the Flying M.

  7. Flying M WIP - Awaiting Image Transfer

  8. Flying M WIP - Priming

  9. Flying M WIP - Sanding

  10. Siamese Kings - Installed

  11. Siamese Kings WIP - Colors

  12. Siamese Kings WIP - Base Layers

  13. Siamese Kings WIP - Lines

  14. Secret Lives - Finished #flyingm

  15. Siamese Kings WIP - Primed #piehole